Karen Heaps

Karen HeapsKaren teaches yoga with a healthy balance of Eastern philosophy and Western sensibility.
She brings a lightness and a sense of joy and ease to her classes with gentle emphasis on body awareness, self acceptance, alignment and safety.
Karen’s teaching influence comes from the Kripalu school of yoga. a real fusion of eastern philosophy and spirituality and western sensibilities.
“As we focus on the sensations that come up as we breathe and move, we begin to bridge the chasm separating body and mind, allowing us to become fully present in our bodies; revitalizing the body and calming the mind.”
Join Karen on a journey to inner space – “a safe and gentle exploration of our inner world – where we can experience together the influence of our energy on what we believe and how we think –where we can experience the possibility of shifting those belief systems as we journey together through the postures, the breath and a guided relaxation.”


“Karen is a very kind and lovely teacher, she is very professional and clear minded as well.  Karen has lots and lots of integrity, she is delightful in so many ways.” – Maiu – graduate March 2013