Great program. Loved every minute of it. I’m glad i did it, because i was not sure if I wanted to do the program. But after Georginas encouragement which I really appriciate. I did start the program and I dont regret it. pacing was perfect for me, ones a week over 6 month was good. Ester Oct2017

Thorough with safety and modifications. Teaches you to produce a class that is accessible to everyone and safe for all levels and physical abilities Excellent guest speakers at end of curriculum Goes in depth into all the postures Heather Oct 2017

“I loved the program – it’s a well-rounded program – instructors are all amazing. I got so much more out of the program than just learning how to teach yoga – I feel like I’ve done a lot of self discovery along the way and know I’m on the path to doing what I truly love doing – sharing yoga with others! At the beginning I was unsure whether I even wanted to teach yoga, but not far into the program I found myself very excited to start teaching. I was very nervous about getting up in front of a group of people and teaching yoga – yet I found with each practicum I was getting more and more confident, largely thanks to the encouragement from all the teachers and fellow students. It’s a program where you can witness so many styles of yoga, learning as much from your fellow students as from your teachers.”
Nadine Kelln, Graduate June 2012

“I loved it so much, I learned so much about myself and yoga. Its one of the best things I have ever done for myself, I will never be the same!!”
Graduate March 2012

“Amazing! I loved the small group atmosphere & supportive teachers throughout the program.” Graduate March 2012


Trust me! Trust Open Door Yoga!

“I am a recent graduate of Open Door Yoga’s Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program
(June, 2009). I am a living example for newcomers in-training to trust this professional team. The experience at Open Door Yoga will change your life. It will change your life for the better! Open Door Yoga has a dedicated team of teachers. Their certification program is recognized by Yoga Alliance and it models outstanding programming and teaching ethics. You will thrive for the nuturing coaching, expert teachers, motivational, guest speakers, small group settings, in-depth philosophy and anatomy course study, rewarding apprenticeships, and on-going, insightful, teaching practicums and much more! This weekly 200 Hour Hatha Teacher Training Program spans six months and is perfect in duration for students to thoroughly absorb new knowledge and execute integrated skills. I was astounded at the acceleration I underwent growing myself both professionally and personally by program end to achieve a desired goal to adopt a “living yoga” lifestyle on a day-to-da basis. The impact for my “living yoga” today is immeasurable given the good reaped by family, friends, and co-workers. They’ve all, in turn, been the beneficiaries, to aspire, themselves, to adopt a “living yoga” example for witnessing my evolution in new-found wholeness. Inner peace and intrinsic happiness are my rewards. At the heart of the six month program are inspirational teachers and life mentors to guide you to become your most authentic self through each breath. The end result, is the revelation to “live yoga”, genuinely. To attain instructor certification upon program completion is the icing on the cake! “Living Yoga” is the silver lining! Equally important, there is a priority in teaching to adhere to safety, modifications, and clear instructions wth instructors, themselves, modelling the highest standards of the program’s code of conduct. You will graduate with much more than a Yoga Teaching Certficate for this is truly a path to tap your highest, life potential. The gifts of a lifetime (an inside job) lay in store for you for your feeling believed in to succeed at what you love through love. Loving kindness and peace reign throughout the course! Just follow your heart and open the door, a crack, to investigate further into Open Door’s Yoga Teacher Training Program.”