Vesna Zdrale

Philosophy  Teacher (October Program)

Vesna began her own yoga practice as a way to heal her neck and back injuries. Upon completion of a 2 year Relaxation Therapy program, she chose yoga as a key relaxation technique to help people bring their physical, emotional and mental bodies into balance. She has had the good fortune to study with many yoga masters, both local and international. Vesna is dedicated to teaching yoga with awareness, integrity and compassion. Her enthusiasm, experience and love of yoga are obvious the moment Vesna begins her class. Her objective is to help students understand and practice observation and awareness that is inherent in yoga, and develop these skills for use in other areas of their lives. Currently she is exploring the principles and foundations of energy-based holistic healing concepts.


“Vesna has an aura about her that breaths the philosophy of yoga. It is how she teaches and how she lives her life. It is evident in her teaching.” Edysha Ee – graduate March 2013