Charotte Juras


Senior Teacher

Charlotte has proudly been guiding new teachers for over 5 years. She has over 500 hours of training including hatha, ashtanga, yin & vinyasa yoga, and is a graduate from Prana Yoga and Zen Centre.  She practices yoga as a way to understand the mechanics of the body and learn how to heal her injuries inside. Charlotte is dedicated to understanding how yoga transforms us, and hopes to encourage students to see beyond the physical form of asana, inviting the inner spirit to surface. Share the love, be aware, smile, laugh, cry and have courage.




“Lively, enthusiastic, charming and fun! I really liked her balance of ‘lets get down to business’ and focus on the learning and yet playful.  Very knowledgeable and amazing yoga teacher, walked the talk and it was obvious.” – Leonie P. – graduate March 2013